Nov 25

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition | Game Demo Download

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition is a racing game, developed by Rockstar San Diego and published by Rockstar Games, and is the third game in the Midnight Club series. Like previous installments in the series, the game is an arcade-style racer and focuses on wild, high-speed racing, rather than realistic physics and driving characteristics. The name derived from a partnership between Rockstar and DUB Magazine, which features heavily in the game in the form of DUB-sponsored races and DUB-customized vehicles as prizes.

Players race through open world recreations of San Diego, Atlanta, and Detroit listening to 103 licensed music tracks that include hip-hop, rock, and more. The game features a number of graphical view after the player crashes into certain objects, or travels across particular stretches of road. There is also the ability to customize a player’s vehicle. Other than modifying the external looks, the car’s/truck’s performance can also be improved, except for those in the ‘A’ Class of the game. However, Class A motorbikes’ performance can be Totally improved.

There are five types of racing in the game. In the Ordered Race, the player must race against multiple other racers, and drive through a sprint course marked by checkpoints, represented by Yellow/Orange flares and eventually reach the finishing line (that being a Red flare). The races are different because there is no ordered lines to drive,but the player can drive wherever he wants. Circuits are similar, except the player must complete a certain number of laps on a circuit run.The first checkpoint marked with a Green flare except in last lap,where is marked with a Red flare

Unordered Races are essentially the same as the Ordered Races, except that (as the name implies), the checkpoints do not need to be passed in order,but they are scattered through a town,and the player must find the quickest route to finish. In the Autocross Races, the track is stripped of traffic, pedestrians, and police, and the streets are blocked in with barriers, meaning that the environment is less open that with other race types. The player must then complete the laps in the quickest time possible, having to beat a set time.

Track events are the same as Autocross, but the player competes against other racers inside the barricaded track instead of against the clock. This can mean racer-crowded, compact streets and the car will probably take more damage than a normal race as it will usually bump into the walls more than in open environment. Players can also create their own races in the Race Editor where the player places down checkpoints within the city. Players can create either a circuit or sprint and can change the racing conditions such as traffic, weather, etc. Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition is the first game in the series to include car modification – visual & under the hood. By winning races, the player unlocks new cars and options to customize them with. These options include enhancing the performance, adding vinyls and new paint jobs, and physically modifying the car, by changing parts such as wheels, bumpers, spoilers, neons, hoods, and engine components.

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